bio picHeather Villalobos is currently living in San Antonio, TX.  She has been a journalistic blogger, zine writer, story contributor, activist and friend over the past thirty some-odd years.  She is the mother of a fantastic little boy who was born April 22, 2012, changing her whole perspective on life, especially her relationship with food and her own body. She is currently working full-time as a paralegal in an intellectual property firm while she pursues a law degree at St. Mary’s University.

Heather enjoys traveling, cooking, writing, sewing, crocheting, and watching British television in her spare time.  She speaks Spanglish and Franglish and poorly at that.  When not trying to hone her language skills, she volunteers in the VITA program, offering tax preparation to low income individuals and rabble-rouses in various causes as needed. On Sundays, she attends Alamo City Rollergirl practices and volunteers as a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association mentor for their Apprentice League program.  She started practicing with Arizona Roller Derby in December 2003 and has officially been a member of four leagues including Houston Roller Derby, Texas Rollergirls, Naptown Rollergirls and Alamo City Rollergirls.

She is available for coaching, league business consultation, skating lessons, as well as professional services including resume review and writing, document preparation, notary (Texas) services, and research assistance.


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