Day 9

I know I said I’d post daily and that was a mighty good plan, however, I am a single mother with a job and law school to contend with.  The past few days have been better, but there have been a few patchy (literally) days in there as well.

Days 4-6 I was up all night itching, scratching and going crazy with anxiety.  I had white bumps, hives and little pink bumps all over.  I can only attribute this to some sort of allergy (probably the uptake in coconut to which I have a mild allergy) or to candida.  I am not a believer in junk science, but I do believe that since I was on a strong antibiotic right before I started my Whole 30 and then I took all the sugar out of my diet that the bacteria in my gut was not the good kind and was manifesting itself as this crazy itch.  Nothing I did would stop it, it was like being bitten all over by mosquitoes.  Finally, I took some of my son’s eczema cream and smeared it every where and slurped down some of his allergy syrup just to get some relief.  I did more research and went and got some pau d’arco tea (anti-fungal herb) and started taking a pro-biotic.  So far, the hives have subsided and the itching has gone down a bit.  It would probably behoove me in the future to not ingest the ungodly amount of sugar that I was shoveling down my pie-hole prior to January 6th.

Aside from the crazy skin problems, I managed through some hectic days, my kill all the things phase interspersed with some toddler tantrums and lived to tell about it.  On Sunday (day 7), I spent  most of the day cooking recipes from Well Fed 2.  Yesterday (day 8), I realized that I didn’t cook any main entrees and was sort of bummed about it.  All that time and only sauces and sides.  And breakfast.  The Sunshine Scramble is divine.  Just sayin’.  I did manage to eat a bowl of ground beef with salsa and an avocado before my first night of class, so I wasn’t completely suffering.

During this Whole 30, I am having to reason with myself more than usual that I can stay on the Whole 30.  It helps to have visual aids like my white board calendar with the 30 days marked up on it to look at.  I also have a print out of Ryan Gossling to remind me that a dinosaur would not eat that.  Something in my brain wants dark chocolate or a glass of wine.  I know its the sugar demon and the stress of starting a new semester all rolled up into a nice little tricky hedonic hunger package.  I will keep saying, “no” and move through this.  I’ve done it two times before, I can do it again.



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