Whole 30, 3.0

Today is Day 1 of my third Whole 30.  I woke up, packed my food for the day, weighed and measured myself and got dressed for work.  It’s strange.  I can stick to this when I set the intention in my mind.  My body wants it.  My mind wants it.  It’s the one weird “diet” that I can see all the way through and feel adamant about and even a little pious.  I get disappointed when people fall wayward to a drink of booze or couldn’t find something to eat while they were out with friends.  It’s not a judgement thing, it’s an “I know it’s possible because I’m a broke single mom who works full time and goes to law school and I’ve done it twice” thing.  If anyone has no time, its me.  If anyone has no money, it’s me.  If anyone needs a drink, it’s me.  Seriously friends, you will feel good after you finish feeling like crap.  You will feel good after you have said no to that glass of wine, or vodka soda or gingerbread latte or brownie.  I promise.  Why?  Because it’s only 30 days of your entire life that you are saying no.  You are getting all the anti-inflammatory, gut wrenching foods out just for one month.

What am I doing differently this time?

1. Usually, I take it easy on the exercise for the first week, but this time I am not.  I am doing a 10k in April and I need to start training for that, so I have a lot of work out plans that I am committed to.  I am lifting two times a week and running three times a week.  I am going to derby on Sundays.  I may add a cross fit in there because it’s offered at my YMCA, but I need to discuss changing my work schedule with my boss first so I can work from home on Thursday mornings.  I’m thinking that this regimen will help me through some of those sugar cravings, because one of the things that was different about my second W30 is that I wasn’t doing derby and I was working out on my own, which left me unaccountable–going to derby once a week with my law school schedule is tough because I feel like I have more to prove physically to keep up my end of the bargain.

2. I will post my food and workouts daily.

That’s all I have on the plate for this round.  I’m pretty excited to see my results in February.  My results last time were better than the first, but during finals and the holidays, I gained back my 10lbs, plus a few more, putting me at 8lbs. over where I was when I moved to San Antonio.  I have a serious case of the post-holiday muffin top/gut bloat to work off.  Here I go…


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