End of the Year Reflections

Well, I did two Whole 30s this year.  I ended my second about two weeks before Halloween, and then went on a candy binge.  That was no good.  I have been so consumed with trying to settle in (we moved to San Antonio in August), complete my first semester of law school, start a new job, and raise my child single-handedly  that I haven’t been giving much credence to my food.  In realizing this, I understand how I got to the point of weighing so much.

My mantra lately has been one word–stop. Last night, I bought some pants because they were cute.  Although my current pants have been tight, I did not get a larger size as I would have a few years ago.  I have decided the best thing to do is just “stop.”  When things are going bad, I have learned to just stop.  When I am not understanding something, I now just stop.  When anything is happening that I want to change, I just stop.  I’m not talking about quitting.  I’m talking about not continuing in the same way.  Stop and reflect, start where you are.  That kind of thing.   For some reason, it works for me and next time I go to buy pants, it will be because I need smaller ones.

I am vacationing next week and I’m pretty darn excited about not having to do anything for a whole seven days.  Nothing.  Of course, there is little Dean, but other than that, there is no house to clean, nothing to distract me, etc.  Rum drinks in San Juan.  That is my goal.  When I get back, there will be some sewing, sorting through photo albums, and little projects I have been neglecting to tend to before I gear up for semester two and start off way more prepared than I did in August.  I know that there will be a group of people starting a Whole 30 on January 6, so Dino Noms will ride again…armed with a CSA membership and a few new appliances.  Did I mention my new apartment has a dishwasher?