Nutritional Off-roading

So day 32 rolled around and I still really wasn’t craving anything, but I went ahead and indulged in some Indian food because I had planned to ahead of time.  For the next couple of days, I had Italian, a cupcake, a milk shake and a blizzard.  I also ate a po-boy.  The sugar killed me.  Literally sick to my stomach, thought I was going to get a cavity shitty sweet.  The bread gave me gas and the milk gave me the shits.  I learned that when you are done, do the induction phase.  Seriously.  I’ve been walking around with a saccharin headache for the past two days.  I can’t say any of it was worth it…and I gained a pound back.  Just one, but that’s enough to put me back on track.

Today, I packed all three meals and brought them with me since I will be here until 10 pm tonight.  There is nothing worse than being hungry and having to eat food that literally makes you sick.  I am back to setting goals for myself, including a whole new plan for the remaining six weeks that I am home, which is a mostly paleo menu which utilizes what is already in my house.  My goal is to use up what I have and not waste anything when it comes time to move.  This will also save me money since I will only be shopping for produce.