Day 15

Today marks the second half of my Whole 30.  I am still pretty excited.  I don’t know why people give up.  I don’t know why people cheat.  There really is nothing to lose in sticking to it.  There are things I wanted to put in my recap for week 2 that I forgot, so I’m going to go over them today.

1.  I have not been hungry outside of meals.  On days that I run, have derby practice or work out otherwise, I plan a snack and that has worked out wonderfully.  I’m also a big believer in refueling for recovery, so I’m mindful about mixing a carb such as a sweet potato with a small piece of chicken or having a banana with almonds and coconut creme.

2. I didn’t recognize any PMS symptoms before my cycle started.  I think my usual veracious hunger was fed by my Week 1 adjustment period, so I didn’t even realize that it was going to happen.  However, I bled heavy, had some cramping, but none of it was as bad as normal.  (Also, if this makes you uncomfortable to know about me, grow up dude, it happens to a little more than half of the population.)

3. My pants fit better and there are some that I just bought in a smaller size that are already a little too loose.  I know I’ve lost weight, but I’ve also lost inches.  It would be nice to come off of this at my current goal weight.

4.  I sleep really well.

5. This morning one of my co workers told me that my skin looked brighter.

This week, my goals are to continue being prepared, to eat mindfully, and a new one: eat dinner while sitting down with no distractions.


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