Days 10 and 11

I’m not meaning to slack on daily posts, but my job and life are crazy right now.  I’m noticing that my period is brutal this week.  I feel tired.  I had some cravings, but they went away.  I feel a little stressed and to be honest, my refrigerator which looks overwhelming at the beginning of the week looks a little sad at this point and I have a couple more days until I can get to the store or make time to prepare stuff.  I have been sticking with it…even made it through a venture out to eat yesterday and the school cafeteria today.  Granted I stuck to meat and sauces, no additions, just plain ol’ plain ol’.  I need time to breathe.  Next week this should happen–no impending end of the school year junk, no piles of stuff that has to be entered in spite of broken computers and shit hitting the fan from all directions.  I survived this and I will be fine.  I may even have time to post some photos…


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