Day 8 and 9: Journal

The past couple of days have been hectic, stressful and all over the place.  This is usually where I fall apart, but I didn’t.  I got through it.

I spent Saturday in the kitchen making a bunch of recipes from the Well Fed cookbook and even though at first glance they seemed all over the place, they have made delicious lunches and dinners.  Even the ones that were really time consuming, complicated and expensive proved to be well worth it.Being prepared and well stocked has saved me throughout the past week and continues to be helpful as my schedule fills with end of the semester crappiness and other fun filled work related crap.

I felt really stiff on Monday, so I did some yoga when I woke up.  This was a nice way to start the day.  Even though I went to bed really early on Sunday night, I felt really tired all day and not with it.  Then I started my period.  Wonderful.  The thing I noticed was that this month, I didn’t have the warning signs of it coming.  I may have been overly focused on work, etc.  Or maybe those extra hungry feelings were the signs and I just overlooked them because of the change in my eating habits occurring in tandem with my PMS.

On Tuesday morning, I slept in longer than I should have.  What a hard day this was.  My computer at work crashed and I sat around all day waiting for it to be replaced and then retrieving things from the server and getting set up.  What a pain in the butt.  On top of that, the internet was down or very slow for a good portion of the day.  To add to the misery, the phone I just got in my office is computer based so when they switched my machine, the phone server didn’t follow me and now, I can’t get any department calls.  Not okay people.

I did notice that I am not snacking.  I still have habitual cravings, but only because they are habits.  My brain wants them, but my body doesn’t.  Fortunately, my brain listens to logic and I am able to thwart these silly musings of diet soda and just a bite of chocolate.  I am also more aware what’s on labels and have further cleaned out my pantry and fridge.  I’m giving a bunch of cheese to a friend and the mail man is getting the last of the non-paleo food that I thought I might eat in 30 days stashed in the top shelf of my pantry.

In all honesty, with the reality that my son has a wheat and dairy allergy, these things will probably not make their way back into our house and that is okay.  I don’t mind eating this way.  Will I have the occasional treat?  Of course.  I love chocolate and in today’s world, it’s easy to get a good quality chocolate bar or a gluten-free cupcake.  Will I do these things all of the time?  No, because I love the way I feel overall and I know that I have been eating things for the past few years that don’t agree with my body.


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