Food Additive Monday

Today’s pick: Maltodextrin

This little ditty is an additive in everything.  Including spices.  So, the other day, I was seasoning a dish and I thought that I had removed all the yuckies from my house.  I looked at a label on some seasoning salt before I used it and it said Maltodextrin.  Since I didn’t know what it was, I set it to the side with the intention of researching it.  Research it, I did.  It is a multiple chain glucose derived from rice, corn or wheat.  Definitely not Whole 30 approved.

Side effects of Maltodextrin have been noted as bloating, gas, unexplained weight gain, and allergic reactions.

In the garbage you go, little bottle of seasoning salt.  I don’t care if my mother added you to her famous chicken enchiladas, you are a danger to my health.



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