Day 7: Journal

Reflections on this week:

1) Spending last Sunday pre-making and pre-portioning out meals was a huge key to my week one success.

2) There were a couple of days I felt hungry. I upped my water and fat intake to the recommended amounts and this fixed that. I also allowed myself a small snack of nuts and fruit if I truly felt hungry between meals.

3) There were a couple of days towards the beginning where my workouts felt like crap. During the sixth and seventh day, this went away.

4) I feel really good.

5) I’m recognizing things about my body I didn’t realize before.

6) My one year old loves everything I eat and I’m not worried about sharing with him because it’s clean food. He loves strawberries with coconut cream especially.

7) I find myself at the grocery store–a lot. It’s still cheaper than eating out or expensive packaged food.

8) I’m addicted to roasted sweet potatoes. For real. I dream about them.

9) When I’m at the grocery store, I find myself inadvertently judging people’s carts. I want to tell them that everything they are buying is pure poison. The American diet is in a sad, sad state.

10) I’ve been sleeping very well. I’ve also been conscious about the quantity I’m getting and getting to bed earlier.

11) I’ve never done more dishes in my damn life.  Seriously.  Between washing sippy cups and prep dishes, there is also all the cookware, food processor parts, blender pitchers, cutting boards, etc. to wash….then the daily tupperware on top of it.  Oh. My. Gosh.


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