Day 5: Journal

I think I am sleeping a little too well. I keep sleeping through my alarm, which is no good. I don’t feel tired when I wake up and am noticing that I feel more alert throughout the day today.

I had to improvise breakfast because I went to an awards banquet. I stayed within the rules and that felt relieving. At lunch I think I may have accidentally ingested some sugar by way of some marinara sauce..there was a smudge on my broccoli from the take out they ordered in.

One thing I noticed today was thatI didn’t feel the urge to snack. In fact, I made myself eat dinner because I knew I had to fuel for my 5k. This was leftover salmon cakes and a baked sweet potato. I did dab some mayo on there for some fat.

I really focused on more water today. I’m not running far but I don’t want to be dehydrated during the race. I have my breakfast ready for early morning and I plan on getting my food ready for next week because the key to my success these last few days was having things pre-made to put together or grab and go.


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