Day 4: Journal

I woke up feeling well rested.  So well rested that I slept in late.  Oops.  Thankfully, nobody noticed because I’m the queen of getting out of the house in five minutes–even with a baby.  I often wonder what Dean thinks of waking up, eating and getting dressed all at once.  He will be quite the multi-tasker when he grows up, I’m sure.  (Also, no big toe pain, so it must have been dehydration.)

I’ve come to realize that snacking is more of a habit than a necessity, which is huge.  When I was pregnant with Dean last year, I had a similar realization about portions, which is why I started grazing throughout the day.  On the Whole 30, they ask you to limit yourself to three meals and eat enough during those three meals to sustain you until the next meal.  As this goes on, I will be mindful of this as I break the snacking habit.   I also have added more fats to my meals, which is strange because you are trained to not do this (especially on WW), but you need fat to burn fat and that is a fact that is hard to wrap an indoctrinated mind around.

I picked up my race packet this evening.  I started to reflect on how far I’ve come in the last two years.  I couldn’t walk for two weeks of my life and I had to use a walker for months after that.  I remember trying to walk from my office to a meeting and it taking twenty minutes to hobble there–and I was late.  During that time, I felt hopeless that I would ever be able to run again and up until a few months ago, I didn’t dare try it.  So, that being said if you give your body time to heal and treat it well, it can do magnificent things.  In spite of tonight’s run not being as awesome as last night’s, I know that Saturday morning will be different.

Tomorrow is my off day, but I have decided I need to throw a couple of days of yoga in my routine, which I will start tomorrow.  There is all this talk of working out like a caveman and I’m fine with that, but I don’t want to throw medicine balls at walls and do olympic lifting.  I like running, swimming, biking and yoga and that’s what I’m going to keep doing.  Oh yeah, and roller skating.  I doubt a caveman could get his head around roller derby.  Ha!


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