Day 3: Journal

So I woke up in the middle of the night with a cramp in my big toe, what is that?  Apparently, it could be gout or dehydration.  Either way, I need to up my fluids.  That is probably why my practice the other night was so shitty.  I drink water all day long, so I’m a little confused.  I guess this happens when you switch your diet up.  I know I’m not diabetic because I’ve been tested…I’m no where even at risk, so I can count it out.  I am drinking water all day long.  All. day. long.

Also, I’ve been kind of lazy about Dean’s bedtime and taking him to bed with me instead of putting him in his crib.  He tosses and rolls all night long and I wake up throughout the night being kicked or with a little baby butt square in my face.  He hasn’t learned bed manners, so tonight I am putting him in his crib and there he will sleep from now on.  (I will miss cuddles from him, be warned.)

So my focus today was obviously about sleep and water.  I feel good about this because those are two things I don’t get enough of.

I’ve also been doing a couch-to-5k program over the last 6-ish weeks.  My goal is to run the Mini 500 5k this Saturday.  So, follow my running plan, I did.  I have to admit that running is very hard for me after six knee surgeries over the past two years.  I do still love running and am so happy to have the ability back.  My point of starting this tangential paragraph is to document how awesome my run was last night.  I warmed up the first part of my run with a walk/run and then went continuously for 20 minutes.  My body felt great as I pushed Dean in his fancy jogging stroller around the park and up and down the streets of our neighborhood.  If this feels this great three days in, I’m excited to know what the morning of the sixth day feels like when I line up for the mini on Saturday morning!

PS:  Dean loves Strawberries dipped in whipped coconut milk with almonds and toasted coconut flakes.


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