When I was in college, I used to date this guy who loved his condiments.  We were vegan and quite frankly were dependent on condiments and spices to flavor our food.  It’s okay for your food to taste good, vegans of the world.  (For shits and giggles, read Ottavia Bourdain’s article about her one week vegan experiment.)  Anyways, we used to joke about being condimentarians because our food essentially was nothing more than a blank palette for our sauces.  This isn’t necessarily healthy but there are only so many ways to eat tofu before you drown it in barbecue sauce and salt the hell out of it.

In any case, I am still a fan of flavorful food.  Starting this challenge, I threw out/gave away/donated all the sauces and dressings in my refrigerator and pantry that contained non-whole 30 ingredients.  Being a sensible human being, I was prepared.  I pulled out Melissa Joulwan’s cookbook, “Well Fed” and made some homemade mayo and some Sunshine Sauce.  There are two tangents I’m going to go on here, so hang tight…

1.) Damn that sauce is delicious.  I will be making this all the freaking time.  I drizzled some on my salad and dipped my chicken in it (think satay).

2.) It uses sunflower seed butter.  Sugar-free sunflower seed butter.  At $8 per jar.  What?  No, no, no.  Like I said before, one of my challenges during my Whole 30 is going to be money.  I did find a recipe to make my own.  Once my very prized and expensive jar of Sunbutter is out, I will be going this route.

I’m going to expand my sauce and dressing repertoire next weekend with some creamy Italian dressing and the  stir-fry sauce, but today, I’m going to lick the Sunshine Sauce off my fork and call it a day.


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