#whole30 Day One

I am four hours into my first day.  Yesterday was Dean’s baptism and first birthday party.  I ate a few two-bite cupcakes, had a beer, and indulged.  I spent the last week using my weekly Weight Watchers points getting tempting foods out of my mind and reminding myself that after not having them (I have been very good on my WW plan) that they really don’t make me feel that good and most of the flavors of these things are sub par. This is good to know going into what should feel like a restrictive eating challenge, but really doesn’t.  

My biggest challenges are going to be time and money.  I have a well stocked freezer with grass-fed meat as well as some conventional things that I know to trim and drain, but being a single mother on a very tight budget (anyone want to donate to my rent fund this month?), it is going to be challenging to keep up on some of the “extras” like ghee, etc.  I’m going to try to do without some of these things, and make as many as I can on my own.  I’m also committing to making all my meal 1 and 2’s on Sunday night for the coming week days and cooking meal 3’s on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with left overs on Saturday and Sunday.  This is the only way I can survive this challenge and run from one activity to the next without loosing my mind and finding myself pulling into a drive-thru frustrated at life.  If I have a plan, I can do it and I am well prepared for my first week–even if I am eating the same thing for breakfast all week and don’t have much variety for the next couple of days because I’m scarfing on leftovers from Dean’s grill out.  That’s okay though because I can focus on how to change it up a little next week and make a couple of recipes from the Well Fed cookbook and a breakfast frittata or paleo quiche muffins.

I will post tomorrow about how I did during my first day.  So far, nothing is different.  I don’t really eat bread or cheese, so that’s a no-brainer.  Other than time and money, my Diet Dr. Pepper addiction and my love for sweets will be a whole post sometime during this month–especially during lady times, but why would I screw up all the hard work I will have put in by then to indulge in my PMS?  These are all preemptive concerns and I should not anticipate things I don’t want to actually deal with, right?  I will be fine and on May 28, I will be talking about how amazing I feel.  Yeah!


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