Food Additive Monday

I have been doing a lot of research about alternative beverages for baby Dean.  Now that he is a year old, it’s time to ween him off the formula.  I’m opposed to giving babies juices and I don’t really drink them myself, unless I am mindfully juicing for a period of time.  I think its best to eat the whole fruit in order to get its full nutritional benefits, which include fiber.  One of the options presented to me in beverage choices was coconut milk.  That was until I read about carrageenan, on a paleo thread regarding paleo babies and coconut milk.  Carrageenan is a common additive to processed coconut milks sold in the dairy aisles.  This stuff is also in ice creams and yogurts as a thickener and emulsifier.

After more research, I realized that if I were to give my child coconut milk in the carton, that I would essentially be slowly poisoning him.  Who would do that to a baby?  Not this mom.  Not only can this food additive cause ulceration in your stomach, but it causes inflammation of your cells and can cause glucose intolerance, ultimately leading to diabetes.  None of this sounds good to me.  

Dr. Weil has something to say about this too.   “Is Carrageenan Safe?”

Dean isn’t really liking anything but his formula at the moment, so I will continue to research.  Apparently, just switching him to water is a viable option. *sarcasm*  I think we are just so socialized to have all of these drink options that we have become hardwired to depend on juice and milk unnecessarily.  I just feel fortunate that I don’t have to deal with this later on when he’s already eating pre-formed chicken nuggets and cookies, which if you know me well would probably never have happened.


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