Method behind my madness

I am generally for the eating of whole foods, so I thought I’d give this a try because after all, what is a month of your life in the name of good health?  I have been on Weight Watchers for four months and have lost 32 lbs.  Since I have been on WW, I have decided that the pre-packaged, sugar-free substitutes for real food that I have been eating over the past few months are not the way I want to live once I get to my goal weight, or towards it for that matter.  Since the paleo lifestyle fits into the “filling foods” or Simply Filling list (sans the fats), I am switching to that technique in favor of tracking–I will not be tracking my paleo-approved fats over the 30 day reset.  This will be a major variation from the Weight Watchers program.  I am a little nervous about not tracking, but again, mindfully eating fresh, whole foods for one month of my life isn’t going to get me where I was–which was years of eating fast food, processed food and fake food.  In my mind, I am changing my lifestyle for the long term.

I am still going to go to Weight Watchers meetings because I promised myself that I would stick with the program until I reached my goal.  For this month, I am simply going to attend for the encouragement, the routine and the mindful part of being present in my weight loss journey, but I am going to follow the Whole 30 principal of mindful eating.  I will assess myself at the beginning and end of 30 days, when I will weigh in and take before and after photos and measurements.

I have been reading all the material I can get my hands on for the past month.  I have been following WW, but trying to get rid of the non-paleo foods I invested in prior to my interest in whole foods as a staple.  I am nearly finished with pantry and freezer items and have made several food donations to a local women’s shelter to help me along in the process.  On April 26, whatever is left in my house that is a packaged, processed, non-whole food item will be tossed out.

Even the baby has gotten a little food make over.  I have not given him dairy, he has been eating homemade baby food (he always has) and I cut up fruits and chicken for him so he can self-feed nutritiously.  He still gets most of his calories from formula, (which I was against, but had to do because I had production issues,) but since he is nearly a year old, he will be switching to something else.  What, I haven’t yet figured out, since I’m on the fence about cow’s milk in its pasteurized format–which is no good for anyone. I’m thinking coconut milk since it won’t mess with his reproductive development like soy, poison him like rice milk (arsenic levels), or be laden with sweeteners like commercial almond milks.  If anyone has any thoughts on this, I just want my child to be healthy and eat whole, nutritious foods.  He is my inspiration for changing my food lifestyle after all.


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